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Cape Town.

We are Techsys Digital - a full service digital marketing agency offering;
strategy, design & development, social media advertising and many other services.
Our passion for integrating new insights, trends and technology allows us to
provide innovative digital solutions to our portfolio of world class clients.

  • WHB_banner

    Windhoek Beer Fridge

    Using facial recognition technology to build the Windhoek Beer Fridge that rewards staff when their time-sheets have been completed on a Friday afternoon!

  • Hills-New-Main-Banner

    Transforming Lives | Hill's

    Sometimes its just better to take a step back and let your customers do all the talking. That's what Hill's did for the Transforming Lives campaign and the results have been nothing but outstanding!

  • Bk_Banner

    Burger King Swhopper Microsite

    ‘Swhopping’ images of your less amazing meal for the chance of winning a Burger King Whopper voucher via an interactive microsite had consumers engaged on both Swhopper Days!

  • Oppi_bannerRe

    Windhoek Draught - Hoodie Registration | OppiKoppi 2016

    By creating a pre-registration online form via the Windhoek Beer website and an iPad app for management, we streamlined the hoodie collection process at this year's OppiKoppi event.

  • Mediclinic_bannerRe

    Mediclinic | Pledge to Excercise Mobisite

    To encourage people to pledge to be active for 30 minutes a day for thirty days, while also sharing their experience online in order to create a community of support and encouragement, the solution was a mobile site where people could take a fitness pledge with the incentive of winning.

  • SternsD_bannerRe

    Diamond Campaign | Sterns

    They say that 'diamonds are a girl's best friend' and for this campaign we used a few clever marketing techniques to make sure that this friendship flourished.