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Amstel And Windhoek Half Tyga


Amstel & Windhoek Half Tyga

Beer giants Amstel and Windhoek have enjoyed massive successes with airtime campaigns in the past. How could these brands drive sales and surpass their previous victories?

Quite simply: offer the biggest airtime giveaway to date, with R8.4 million in instant airtime rewards up for grabs over a two-week period. Consumers used a simple USSD line to enter two 660ml Windhoek or Amstel under-liner codes to earn R5 airtime.

Knowing they could win up to 20 vouchers each (R100 worth of airtime), consumers eagerly hunted down Amstel and Windhoek beers in order to claim their “half tygas” – as R5 denominations are colloquially known.

The campaign was so successful that it ran out of airtime and an additional R2.5 million was added.

Over 5.2 million entries were received, making it the top-performing campaign ever on marketing analytics platform Brandtribe. Between 100 000 to 150 000 entries were received each day that the campaign ran. These entries represent over 172 000 unique consumers, who interacted with the USSD line an average of 30 times each.

In excess of 88% of consumers who entered were new to the Amstel and Windhoek brands. This means that Amstel and Windhoek gained a multitude of converts as a result of the campaign.

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