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Denim Nation

Denim Nation

Techsys Digital is happy to announce that the fashion forward jQuery “Denim Nation” e-magazine they produced for Donna Claire and Foschini yielded 7184 unique visitors in the first five days. 

The magazine showcases thirteen interactive pages of the latest in winter denim trends. Pop ups and slick animation pepper the awe inspiring pages, giving consumers a memorable online experience of international standards. 

Each page entices consumers to “explore the look” revealing a pop-up with more information about the particular products found within the stills, and promotes “Denim Nation” competitions being held by both brands. Consumers can watch a YouTube video while browsing the responsive e-mag which can be enjoyed by tablet and mobile users alike. Other useful functionality is the ability to share to Facebook/Twitter, a zoom tool and the ability to sign up to for a monthly fashion newsletter or to open up a TFG (The Foschini Group) account.

As the e-magazine incorporates fashion from both Donna-Claire and Foschini, it serves to reach a wider range of consumers than what would have been reached should either of these brands have run the same campaign on their own.  Traffic was driving to the catalogue by emailers sent out by both brands, and from the brands’ respective websites and Facebook pages. 

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