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Autumn Winter Lookbook

Autumn Winter Lookbook

Foschini’s Autumn/Winter Lookbook is a 23 page dynamic sliding catalogue. Consumers are able to scroll through the season’s latest fashion trends and click on animated icons for more information. This includes pop-up images focusing on key fashion trends as well as “Fashion Friend Tips” from some of the fashion industry’s leading experts. Consumers are able to make use of a zoom tool to see detail, as well as share the Lookbook to Facebook and Twitter. The Lookbook also showcases three videos specific to the fashion trends found within it.  

The catalogue has dynamic resizing between desktops, tablets and the more sophisticated smartphones. 

JQuery catalogues are a fantastic way to showcase a brand’s latest products in an interactive and memorable way.  JQuery works across multiple devices, delivering embedded video and rich animation for a slick and sophisticated feel. These catalogues are a fraction of the size of their legacy Flash counterparts, with a correspondingly quick loading time. These features make JQuery the perfect platform to encourage user engagement and showcase a brand’s personality. 

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