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Summer Trends

Summer Trends

The Summer’13 Beauty Guide Lookbook aimed to present consumers with the trendiest and latest product for the season. The lookbook was divided into different sections so as to appeal to all target markets. Fashion Friends Tips found in the lookbook helped position the brand as an expert in the cosmetic world.

The lookbook made use of a sleek JQuery 16 page catalogue tool divided into 6 sections for easy viewing. A “quick link” Index button located at the bottom of each page allowed users the ability to easily scroll through any of the 6 sections they were interested in.

Upon entering the site, users are able to scroll left and right seamlessly through content. The second page of the catalogue presents different beauty categories/ sections that when clicked upon, users will be directed straight to that section.

So as to appeal to a broad range of users, the lookook was divided into the sections: Skin 101, Pretty In Pink, Modern Retro, Hot Metals, Fragrances and Hair Care. Each section contained tips from Foschini’s Fashion Friend, providing users with insider tips and trends for the season. Within the Hair Care and Skin 101 sections, consumers were able to look at style tips, but also browse by product type.

The lookbook also enabled consumers the opportunity to download the lookbook should they so wish, and use a zoom tool to view finer detail found within the lookbook. Consumers were also able to share the link via Twitter and Facebook.

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