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Summer Bonanza

Summer Bonanza

Vigo is a malt based soft drink which Namibia Breweries launched in 2012. After experiencing tremendous success in terms of popularity and traction on social media, the brand launched its very first National Consumer promotion through the use of an SMS line and a mobi site. 

Both mediums were leveraged to their strengths with the SMS line being used to grow the consumer database (stored on Techsys' very own eCRM system Brandtribe) and boost volumes (as an on pack code needed to be sent in for an entry), whilst the mobi site was used to enrich data. This was done using a registration process on the mobi site. Consumers could also refer their friends using the mobi site - a popular mechanic given the young target market who love sharing Vigo's - so why not its competition?

The campaign tied in beautifully with the light hearted, summery personality of the brand with an incredible calibre of prizes - the most impressive being a BMW. 

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