A day in the life: Rachel Mcfarlane

Being a project manager at Techsys is pretty flippin’ rad.

Coming from a corporate marketing background, and leaping into a digital agency involves a steep learning curve, copious amounts of caffeine, and a whole lot of fun. Still, a typical day for a project manager in a digital project management team is like being in group therapy, but with deadlines – we’re a loveable, supportive and slightly crazy bunch.

My day usually starts with the news. I start getting caught up on anything that might have happened while I was asleep. There’s a reason for this: digital has ensured that everything moves fast, and I’ve learnt the value of keeping up to date.

Along with keeping up to date with the modern world is keeping up with client emails, in the blink of an eye my inbox has the ability to get completely out of hand. Once I’m all up to date it’s time to really get to work. This means prioritising what’s most urgent and getting things into motion as quickly as possible. Sometimes it means skipping my second cup of coffee (that’s a lie, I just have it later).

By now I’ll have the most pressing issues out of the way, and I can get down to what I love the most: my job. A project manager’s job includes daily meetings, team briefings, working on proposals, client meetings/telecoms as well as the ability to annoy people in to working more effectively and efficiently. A project manager needs to know what everyone is doing, how they do it, and how it all might be improved to the client’s benefit. My days are spent juggling a lot of different hats – and I do love me some hats. And coffee.

Crazy, fast paced – yes! Boring? Most definitely not.

Techsys is a full service digital agency based in Muizenberg, Cape Town. Offering a blend of creativity and technology we build campaigns that deliver measurable results for our world class portfolio of clients.

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