Mediclinic | Pledge To Exercise

Mediclinic showcases their support for local and international health awareness initiatives by creating a number of innovative Health Awareness Campaigns to engage with their patients and the public.


September marked Heart and Stroke Awareness Month.

Based on the insight that people regard sport or gym as the only form of exercise, the Jupiter Drawing Room (Cape Town) developed a campaign that communicated the many opportunities for physical activity in our daily lives.… Continue Reading

HoloLens and why it’s awesome for AR.

Earlier in January, Microsoft launched a new platform based on the upcoming Windows 10 Operating System called HoloLens.

What is it and why is it so awesome and what is it’s potential use for the industry at large?

HoloLens itself falls into the category of “wearable computing” – it is basically a computer you wear on your head made up from most of the components you typically find in your desktop or smartphone (memory for storage, CPU, GPU, networking interfaces etc.).… Continue Reading

Windows 10 & Spartan are a Sight for Sore Eyes!

spartan vs ie7

With a bit of luck, the dusky sunset of Microsoft’s infamous Internet Explorer 8 may be in sight for everyone, especially developers. Released way back in 2009, it’s certainly one of our biggest blights to try and develop for these days, mainly due to clients requesting fantastic looking sites / web apps in line with today’s trends which need to cater for IE8, despite its overwhelming inability to support all the new fancy stuff (included CSS3).… Continue Reading

Windows 10 – What’s new for Devs?


Most people will agree that the Windows 8 and 8.1 operating system was probably among one of Microsoft’s most divisive versions ever. Melding together a traditional “desktop” user experience (most of us are familiar with going all the way back to Windows 95 and more recently until the incredibly popular Windows 7) with a “mobile” experience Microsoft refers to as “Modern UI” (commonly known as “Metro”).… Continue Reading