Machine Learning & AI – Controversial Or The Holy Grail?

Techsys Digital - We're Going To Get You

We’re all doomed! They’re coming to get us! Let’s start with a potentially tumultuous topic for this post shall we? Ever since  our minds were set alight by James Cameron’s genocidal Skynet AI from the Terminator franchise and Stanley Kubrick’s homicidal HAL 9000 from the cult 2001: A Space Odyssey,humanity has been infatuated with the idea of AI’s and what they could do for us… or is it rather to us?… Continue Reading

My Digital Adventure

Working at Techsys Digital for the past few months has been an experience of its own. I’ll start with who I’m surrounded by and how working at Techsys has given me the proof I needed.

As a Quality Assurer (AKA Tester) I work closely with the HTML team which has given me the opportunity of working with front-end developers and seeing first-hand how a digital agency operates.… Continue Reading