My Debut into the Design Industry

I’ve always been recognised for my creativity ever since I can remember. I had an obscure fetish drawing cars and people from the age of 6. I always stood out from the crowd for my height and creativity. To be honest I never knew what career path I wanted to follow which led me feeling anxious. In 2010 I finished school and decided to further my education by studying Multimedia Design and Production at CityVarsity.  I had a creative flare all my life but when I started studying, I soon realised that design isn’t that easy, especially if you can’t handle criticism. I had second thoughts.

I told myself not to give up which is a motto that I live by.  It was perseverance that got me through the most crucial times of learning. I kept on producing work that was beyond my wildest imagination and this showed through by the reaction of my peers and lecturers. I finished my studies top of my class obtaining the award for top 5 graduate designers in South Africa.

I had never worked a day in my life, not even during college so when I started working at Techsys Digital it was a reality check like no other.  I’ve learned so many valuable life lessons here that have helped me become the man that I am today. I was told that by the age of 27 I should have my own successful creative agency and to be honest I see myself heading there really soon.

The world of design is the greatest sector to live in. It never stands still or loses life but it keeps on changing, evolving as we speak. You as the designer need to always remain true to yourself, your creative ideas and push those creative boundaries.


Jandro is the epitome of a BFG – big friendly giant. He is the tallest member of our team, and possibly all of Cape Town. J has plenty creative swag, and when he isn’t designing the hottest new mobi site, he is designing sweet threads.

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