Emoji Marketing – emojis are the new age hieroglyphics

Could emojis be the new form of brand communication as customers shift to a vocabulary of being 😀 when receiving 50% off from their favourite brands or feeling 😋 when they having 🍔 with their best 👥?


Consumers are communicating in hand signatures and faces, and brands are listening. These emojis are monitored and marketers are devising ways to interpret the cute icons that form emotive statements in text messages and more recently on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It’s a new form of language, a ❤️ does not always represent love but it could resemble a liking towards something, which leads marketers to understand the meaning between the different heart colours available. The vocabulary on social media is shifting with a decline in internet slang and a rise in the usage of emojis. Now users have a more categorized setting on their devices which groups emojis into foods, facial expressions, animals and places.

More than a dozen brands have incorporated emojis into their marketing efforts, which they say help them relate to their audiences. The volume of emoji marketing is increasing, experts say it is merely the next step in the growth and development of a new digital marketing tool. When current communication tools become popular, brands will start testing whether it can be used to drive engagement for their own target audience, and if you wondering if emojis are a successful marketing tool, it might be a bit too soon to tell, but the growth seen is certainly pointing to emojis as a viable way for brands to test whether they can reach their consumers and constantly keep shifting to stay culturally relevant with their customers.

However, not all brands should make use of this tool, it may not necessarily be a good fit for the brand’s communication to their specific target market.

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