So… you want to do some email marketing?

So you’ve (legally) obtained a list of loyal customers that you need to inform about your awesome wares and services. It’s a list of customers that you would like to see your latest products and offerings. Sure you have a website that they could visit but you can’t count on them to be on it like, All the time. No. You need to send EVERYBODY an email!

Having spent a few years sending out email advertisements, I have picked up a few nuggets of helpful knowledge. This has helped smooth the way considerably when setting up email campaigns.

Here are five things you need to know:

  1. The more you know about the technology you are using, the easier it will be.

Email is a great way to reach people because everybody uses it, but in techy terms it’s also a pretty old method of communication. What that means is: There are things you Can do and things you Cannot do. For instance, you Can send stylized text and images but you Cannot embed videos or working entry forms. Bottom line: What I’m saying is that you need to take the time to really see what is possible with email.

  1. Be brief and concise.

I know, you really want to get your awesome message out there and tell everybody All about what’s new in your company, and that’s great. But, you also need to recognize that you are contacting busy people who have a limited amount of time and attention. So make your message a clear, explosive punch of exciting advertising info!

  1. Have a clear plan.

Plan?!  All you do is hit “Send” once the mail is ready, right?  Wrong. This speaks directly to the basic advertising principles of knowing your business and knowing your audience/customers. The demographic of your mail recipients will have great influence on when you send your mail and what information you place in it. Your over 40’s don’t like those flashy moving gif images but your under 25’s sure do. The case is very similar with the sending of a lot of dense information over the use of images to get your point across. Do you send over the weekend or during business hours?

  1. Pay attention to Trends, but don’t be too Trendy

Confusing? Yeah, I know. Marketing, especially to tech-savvy millennials and the like, is all about what’s hip and cool right NOW. Advertising needs to keep up and email marketing is no exception. BUT!  Point one above must still be observed here. Sure, Funky gifs and countdown clocks are all the rage now, but core principles about capabilities should always be remembered.


  1. Listen to your email marketer.

I might be a bit biased here, but not that much. I think you’ll agree: As with any undertaking, its best to consult a professional. If there is something you don’t know, the person you hire to handle things should know on your behalf. Here at we have years – literal years! – of experience in sending email advertisements. We are here to make sure that your email is a flawless fast piece of work that will net you the customers you so richly deserve.

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