• Drogba_Banner_2

    Drogba Responsive Site

    When Windhoek Lager partnered with Ivory Coast soccer legend Didier Drogba, they needed a slick and responsive site to drive the affiliation home.

  • 01_ToeterHP-Banner

    Afrikaans Social Media Platform

    The first of its kind in South Africa, and the world. Toeter connects Afrikaans speakers from around the country on a platform made just for them.

  • Foschini-Digital-Winter-Catalogue-Banner

    digital product catalogue

    A stylish, modern display of the products offered in the TFG Winter 2014 Catalogue. With such an attractive design, you really have no excuse. Treat yourself!

  • Brandtribe-Digital-Marketing-Application-Banner

    Digital Marketing Hub

    A digital analysis and tracking platform like no other. Brandtribe will let you know exactly how your digital marketing campaigns are performing, with real-time reporting and in-depth campaign summaries.

  • Sterns_DesignRing_Banner

    Design Your Own Ring

    A beautiful and elegant site that puts the customer in the designer's seat. If you can imagine a ring this is your chance to bring it to life.

  • NCP_Banner-Layout

    2014 National Consumer Promotion

    An SMS Line with a twist, Windhoek's 2014 National Consumer Promotion exceeded the previous record of unique consumers in a Windhoek campaign by a whopping 30%!