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Cape Town.

We are Techsys Digital - a full service digital marketing agency offering;
strategy, design & development, social media advertising and many other services.
Our passion for integrating new insights, trends and technology allows us to
provide innovative digital solutions to our portfolio of world class clients.

  • banner-Windhoek

    Website Rebuild | Windhoek Beer

    Giving an iconic beer such as Windhoek a digital makeover is no easy task, but we managed to pull it off in style. Fully responsive and with a fully integrated CMS, their new website has grown their digital footprint in the global market.

  • Guinness_Banner4

    Meme Generator | Malta Guinness

    A campaign designed to position Malta Guinness as the inspiration for a “can do” attitude that gets regular people through their daily challenges in a fun and engaging way.

  • MatMay_Banner

    Website Rebuild | Mat & May

    Fashion brands like Mat & May understand the need to be where their customers are, and these days that means being mobile-first. We rebuilt their website with this in mind and the result is beautiful.

  • Nammilk_Banner

    SMS Competition | Nammilk

    We ran an SMS competition for Nammilk in Namibia and in just 65 days we blew past their target of 200 000 entries by a whopping 74%!

  • Sterns120banner

    120 Year Campaign | Sterns

    Sterns is celebrating their 120th birthday this year and they wanted to share it with their customers. We built them an interactive timeline to showcase their achievements over the last 12 decades, as well as a map that allows users to share stories of their own.

  • MarkhamFPbanner

    Fashion Portal | Markham

    Markham needed an easy and efficient way for magazine publishers to get high quality images from the Markham database and into their publications. To make this possible, we created the Markham Fashion Portal, a self service platform for publishers from around the country.