• WHBDET_banner

    Facial Recognition Fridge

    Using facial recognition technology to build the Windhoek Beer Fridge that rewards staff when their time-sheets have been completed on a Friday afternoon!

  • Hills-New-Main-Banner

    Transforming Lives | Hill's

    Sometimes its just better to take a step back and let your customers do all the talking. That's what Hill's did for the Transforming Lives campaign and the results have been nothing but outstanding!

  • Bk_Banner

    Burger King Swhopper Microsite

    ‘Swhopping’ images of your less amazing meal for the chance of winning a Burger King Whopper voucher via an interactive microsite had consumers engaged on both Swhopper Days!

  • Half-Tyga-Banner

    Amstel & Windoek USSD Promotion

    We helped beer giants Amstel and Windhoek surpass their previous airtime campaign victories with an all new USSD promotion. Consumers used a simple USSD line to enter two 660ml Windhoek or Amstel under-liner codes to earn their "half tygas" - as R5 denominations are colloquially known. The results were outstanding!

  • LC_Banner

    The Laughing Cow | Website

    The Laughing Cow has a newly-built website that's interactive, user friendly and easy to navigate. Allowing consumers to view products, find recipes and engage with them on the platform.

  • JpegGuinnesBanner

    Meme Generator | Malta Guinness

    A campaign designed to position Malta Guinness as the inspiration for a “can do” attitude that gets regular people through their daily challenges in a fun and engaging way.