• ceres-banner-1

    Ceres SA website

    Techsys Digital suggested building Ceres’ new site from the ground up to ensure that it could be highly interactive and fully mobile responsive. The challenge was how to achieve this while crafting a site that could be multinational, multilingual and support regional content variation.

  • Mazda-Banner

    Mazda Website Upgrade

    To reflect Mazda’s premium status, the new website features a premiumised, contemporary look and feel. Large-form imagery and video content works to encourage an immersive and interactive experience. By crafting a customer-centric user journey, Techsys aimed to deliver the best possible experience online.

  • WHBDET_banner

    Facial Recognition Fridge

    Using facial recognition technology to build the Windhoek Beer Fridge that rewards staff when their time-sheets have been completed on a Friday afternoon!

  • Homepage-Banner UPDATE

    Lancewood Cake-Off Microsite

    Techsys created a dynamic microsite for Lancewood's Cake-Off campaign. Results greatly exceeded the client's expectations - tripling the number of entries received for the previous Cake-Off.

  • Halls-banner

    Halls Own The Moment

    HALLS wanted a campaign that landed their new positioning from a medicinal throat lozenge into an invigorating everyday candy their consumers can enjoy. Techsys, along with Saatchi & Saatchi jumped onboard and created an interactive microsite that allowed consumers to own the moment with HALLS in their everyday lives.

  • JDBanner_template

    John Dory's Website

    A site as fresh as their food! Techsys Digital and agency 99 Cents aligned to bring John Dory's a state-of-the-art website built with the consumer in mind.