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Amstel Beer Detector Activation machine


Amstel Beer Detector Activation machine

Amstel has reached out to Techsys Digital to develop beer scanner machine units for their Q1 Intrinsic Campaign where they wanted to further land the “SLOW BREWED. EXTRA MATURED” proposition.

Their aim was to drive their quality credentials and solidify Amstel’s presence in the premium beer landscape. Techsys helped Amstel by creating promoter-run activations in premium and regular taverns through the interactive beer machines.

Techsys’ beer scanner machine allows the consumer to scan their beer allowing the machine to detect whether it is Amstel Beer or not. The screen camera uses facial recognition to capture the consumer’s image and data. Once an Amstel beer was verified, the consumer then engages with the gamification that reinforces the brand and rewards loyal customers.

There were over 9K prizes that were awarded and over 78% of scans were successful bringing in over 70% of unique users.

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