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Foschini Beauty Catalogue Builder

In the past, Foschini Beauty have used snail mail to distribute printed catalogues to their database of approximately 800 000 people. Since they stopped, they have found that their sales have started to decline resulting in Foschini Beauty needing a solution that was cost effective and convenient, yet still novel. Techsys was asked to assist them with creating a digital solution that would help them move away from their dependence on printed catalogues – saving them time, money and helping them become more eco-friendly.

The solution was simple - we created a user friendly, self-service CMS platform that allows Foschini Beauty to create any kind of catalogue they wish from a range of section templates. This could then be easily distributed through digital channels such as Facebook, email and mobile. All they need to do is choose the section type that they want and then upload product images into it. New section templates get added to the platform continually, which gives every catalogue the opportunity to look completely different from the one before it - always keeping things fresh! The catalogue was built in such a way that it can be downloaded directly onto the consumer’s device, in PDF format, making it easy for them to refer to it whenever they need.

Foschini Beauty published their first digital catalogue for their ‘Beauty Festival’ which was a great success with a spike in sales, and they have just uploaded their latest catalogue ‘Trend Blast’.

“It’s incredibly helpful that we can reach more people with the digital catalogues. The Techsys team have been very accommodating, they met all deadlines and have gone above and beyond to ensure that the catalogue was off the ground.” – Yumnah Dawood, Brand Manager at Foschini for Beauty

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