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Brandtribe Insights


Brandtribe Insights

Brandtribe Insights is the brainchild of Brandtribe & Techsys Digital. We identified a gap in an existing market where many reporting dashboard solutions offer too much, or too little, and we wanted to offer something that was ‘just right’! So we put our talented team together and got developing and 6 months later, voila! Say hello to easy, fast and automated marketing analytics reporting!

Insights is an affordable, easy-to-use dashboard reporting solution that connects to 3rd party data sources, allowing you - the user - to choose which insights you want to see on your dashboard. These kinds of solutions can often be very difficult to use and make it tough for new users to enter the reporting dashboard realm and make sense of their data. Insights on the other hand, is easily accessible and user friendly, putting the fun back into reporting!

The system has been designed and built from the ground-up using the latest web-scale technologies, making it an enterprise-class system capable of scaling to meet future user demand seamlessly. Our main objective was to create a super-fast reporting system capable of connecting to multiple data sources. We want to give everyone from digital beginners to seasoned marketing veterans the opportunity to spend more time taking action on their data rather than trying to find it. With a free basic subscription, you are guaranteed to not be disappointed!

Brandtribe Insights has already received a huge amount of interest from South African agencies big and small, including Namibia with a number of well-known and much loved brands already keen to begin using the new Insights system. We are exceptionally proud of this platform and hope you like what you see as much as we do!

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