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Sterns | Diamond Campaign


Sterns Diamond Campaign

Sterns, renowned for their beautifully designed jewellery and diamonds, launched their annual Diamond Campaign which is one of their most popular. To further their digital target audience reach they wanted to place a focus on promotional awareness through digital advertising - getting relevant product (diamonds) onto consumer screens.

Techsys proposed doing targeted digital advertising via Facebook with the use of location targeting and custom audiences – specifically retargeting. Campaign posts were non-incentivised and content focused exclusively on the Diamond Campaign promotion.

Marketing by Location
To give foot traffic a boost during the Diamond Campaign, we chose five of Sterns’ most popular stores around South Africa and targeted consumers relative to the town each store is located in. The campaign posts were specific to each location which makes it more likely for a consumer to engage with a post and promotion. Ad results have shown a low cost per post engagement and a high reach and engagement rate, showing that consumers are interested in the promotion and don’t necessarily need a prize to make them engage.

Retargeting Visitors From The Sterns Website
Techsys created custom Facebook audiences from the Sterns website visitors who had viewed the Diamond Collection page specifically. As traffic to their website is exceptionally high (20 000 visitors a week) the custom audiences grew large very quickly, which is greatly beneficial for a retargeting campaign. These are consumers who have shown interest in this particular category of products, making the ads that are shown to them inherently more relevant and increasing the chance of sales. Ad results have shown a peak in the average amount of website visitors over that time, as well as a high unique click through rate of 17%.

When it comes to digital advertising it’s important to have a clear strategy, so both the ad spend and audience can be uitilised in the best way possible! All in a day’s work for the team here at Techsys.

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