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Mediclinic Diabetes Microsite


Mediclinic Diabetes Quiz

One third of people don’t realise they’re suffering from diabetes. To combat this staggering statistic Mediclinic wanted to find a way to help people recognize the symptoms and seek treatment.

Diabetes isn’t a topic that people readily interact with, so the challenge was determining how to encourage engagement during Diabetes Awareness month.

If Buzzfeed has taught us one thing, it’s that people love a quiz. Techsys created a weekly quiz housed on a new mobile-first Mediclinic microsite specifically designed for the campaign. Fans and followers were championed via social media to take the quiz and stand to win a range of wellness-related prizes.

The results demonstrated the impact of the campaign, with over 4200 unique consumers entering the competition – more than 2300 of those in the first week.

Most importantly, the campaign generated greater awareness and education on the condition, and previously undiagnosed individuals could seek treatment and support through Mediclinic.

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