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Burger King Family Your way


Family Your Way

Everyone loves a family meal box to share with their family – especially if it’s stuffed full of delicious Burger King goodness! But every family is different, so as consumers we often have to compromise to get a family box meal that’s only kind of what we really want. Living up to their brand promise “Have it your way”, Burger King decided to solve this problem by allowing customers to craft exactly the family sharing box they wanted!

In order to enable this, Burger King approached innovative agency Techsys Digital to come up with a way to translate this #FamilyYourWay concept for the digital space. The solution was simple and easy for customers to create exactly the right family sharing box for their unique family. Campaign awareness happened via social media, SMS and in-store posters. Customers scanned the QR code on the posters or clicked the SMS link to launch the #FamilyYourWay microsite. The full list of food items appeared, so that Burger King fans could decide how many of each item they’d like.

The next step is the coolest, since customers could design their own #FamilyYourWay box on the site! They could then type or handwrite the messaging on the box they felt best captured their family’s vibe. These personalised digital boxes connected consumers to the brand on a more intimate level, fostering brand affinity and extending the “have it your way” brand promise. Fans could share their unique #FamilyYourWay box to their social media, fuelling engagement around the brand, driving campaign awareness and demonstrating how much customer’s love interacting with Burger King.

Next up, customers were invited to shake their unique digital box to unlock a voucher for their next trip to Burger King! The digital box used motion detection technology to respond to the shake movement and served customers their voucher. Customers love being rewarded, and Burger King loves seeing happy customers come in-store to redeem their vouchers. And redeem they did! With a whopping redemption rate of over 40%, proving that distributing digital vouchers is a great way to reward customers and get them back in store. Customers could receive their voucher via SMS or email, enabling a paperless exchange and helping Burger King stay in touch with fans who opted in for further communications.

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