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"You Vs" Meme Generator

Memes have become a huge part of internet and popular culture. Spend 5 minutes on the internet and you’re bound to come across one, or visit 9gag and spend the rest of your day scrolling through thousands.

Malta Guinness saw the value that memes could have for their brand and a collaborative project kicked off between award winning agencies Praekelt and Techsys Digital to build a fun and exciting meme generator that consumers can use to create their own personalized memes.

Titled “You Vs”, the generator lets consumers upload an image and add a tag that best illustrates what they’re up against that day, such as “You Vs Mondays”. The generator compiles the meme and then allows users to share it to social media, with the goal of increasing the reach and awareness of the brand.

The campaign launched in Nigeria and is proving to be a highly effective way of positioning Malta Guinness as the inspiration for a “can do” attitude that gets regular people through their daily challenges in a fun and engaging way.

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