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Create Your Dream Party


Create Your Dream Party

Smirnoff’s Create Your Own Dream Party campaign sparked creativity and invited fantasy. Smirnoff Namibia's primary target market of 18 - 24 year olds were focused on for this campaign. Wanting to capture the imagination of this notoriously indecisive segment, we needed to do something fantastical.

What better way to appeal to this outgoing market than the chance to win a Smirnoff party conjured up by yours truly, selected by a famous DJ and voted for by your friends? We needed to facilitate the competition on the market’s most prolific touch points – their mobile phones. So we set up a mobi site with a registration functionality, allowing us to gain data and insight into our consumer base whilst being able to offer them a personalized user experience.

In order to be granted access to the exclusive fan club, consumers needed to purchase either a Smirnoff Spin or a Smirnoff Storm whose underliner code they then needed to SMS into a shortcode. The reply SMS included a link for them to hit the site and stir up the scene with their party submission.

Because we knew the consumers are inherently social – we peppered Facebook conversation with links to the responsive site. As a result, 83% of registered users were totally new consumers

The SMS line performed extremely well in terms of total interactions with consumers entering an average of six times.

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