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Heineken Waiter Incentive


Heineken Waiter Incentive

Heineken partnered with Techsys to develop an on-trade incentive platform for waiters and consumers to register and be rewarded for supporting Heineken.

The core technology was developed via a QR Code mechanic that takes users to a web application where they register and stand a chance to win. This innovative solution developed by Techsys used waiters as the main source of consumer engagement by incentivising them to drive consumer registrations and brand purchases. There were over one thousand outlets that participated.

The user journey starts with the waiter onboarding via QR Code and promoting the Heineken brand to the consumer, consumer will then purchase a Heineken and scan the consumer QR code to be rewarded. The waiter and the outlet will receive points on the leaderboard putting them in the run for bigger rewards.

The campaign saw over 1K waiters registered with 34K consumer purchases! Waiters were rewarded over 3000 times!

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