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Sterns Catalogue Builder

For a while now, Sterns have been looking to go the paperless route with their product catalogues and phase out physical printing all together. Techsys loves saving trees and so we were happy to assist Sterns in making this a reality. The requirement was to build a tool that allowed them to create their own digital catalogues with ease.

Our solution? We created a user friendly, self-service CMS platform that allows Sterns to construct any kind of catalogue they wish from a range of section templates. They simply choose the section type that they want and then upload product images into it. We periodically add new section templates to the platform, meaning that every catalogue has the potential to look completely different from the one before it!

The Sterns digital catalogue builder has changed the way that Sterns produces and distributes their marketing material, and it has also changed the way that consumers engage with it. Instead of printing thousands of physical brochures, which is costly, time-consuming and destructive, Sterns can now create a catalogue in a matter of minutes and get it directly to the consumer in a matter of seconds.

Consumers on the other hand, are able to engage with the catalogue content like never before. They are able to scroll, swipe and interact with the product images. They can access the catalogue from any device, they can click directly through to the website to get more information on the products they like and they can share them directly to social media. It’s simple, easy and convenient and most importantly, it’s good for nature!

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