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Windhoek Draught - Hoodie registration | Oppikoppi 2016


Windhoek Draught | Hoodie Registration

Windhoek Draught has been sponsoring OppiKoppi for quite some time now and as one of the headline sponsors, it’s of utmost importance that event goers experience only the best the brand has to offer.

This year, Windhoek Draught wanted to streamline the hoodie collection process, so consumers could spend more time watching their favourite bands, and less time standing in long queues. Taking valuable insights from previous years, the brand started looking for a simple, yet highly effective solution that catered for consumers who had pre-registered for hoodies online, and those who registered at the event. Naturally, this meant digitizing the process!

Enter Techsys. We created a “pre-registration” online form via the new Windhoek Beer website, and an iPad app for management of hoodie collections at the event. Consumers were directed to the online form via social media channels to “claim” their hoodies before the event. All consumers had to do to claim their hoodie, was purchase 2 cases of beer. After completing a few details on the online form, consumers received a trigger SMS with a unique code, which they then used together with their till slip to collect their hoodie at the event.

Promoters were prepared for both pre-registrations and at event registrations with an iPad app which validated either the unique code or mobile number for those who pre-registered, or captured new consumer details from at event registrations.

The pre-registration online form was a huge success and all pre-registered hoodies were claimed. Management of hoodie collection via the app was seamless, and there were no technical hiccup. The result? 100% happy consumers with a world-class brand experience. Plus, the brand gained new consumer data, thereby further expanding the Windhoek Draught database. Now that’s what we call a job well done!

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