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Windhoek Beer Website


Windhoek Beer Website

At Techsys, we love our beer brands. We love working for them, we love running their campaigns and most importantly, we love drinking what they produce. So it was an absolute pleasure when Windhoek Beer asked us to build them a new website, to help them reach and engage with an increasingly mobile orientated market and to boost their digital footprint in Southern Africa and around the world.

The old Windhoek Beer website was outdated and unresponsive. Analytics showed that the majority of visitors to the website were using either mobile or tablet devices, which made it imperative that the new website should be fully responsive. In addition to this, the client wanted the new website to have a fresh, modern feel that was more aligned with their corporate image.

In collaboration with lead agency, The Jupiter Drawing Room, a series of strategy and creative sessions were held during which the new website strategy was firmed up. The result was a fully responsive site that featured a fully integrated CMS, giving the various agencies working on the Windhoek account the ability to change, update and create new content on the fly.

On top of all of this, the website has been developed in such a way that users from South Africa and Namibia will see website content that is specific to their country, making their experience more relevant and engaging than ever before. Users from the rest of the world are given access to the global website which features more neutral content.

It’s no easy task building a website as complex as this for a brand as big as this, but in the end it all rolled out smoothly. The site has been live for less than a month and the reactions we’ve received have been excellent, meaning that we’re happy because the client is happy. Now, time to open a beer.

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