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Smart SMS System


Smart SMS System

Techsys Digital ran the latest Tafel Lager campaign on their smart mobile system which employs big data to maximise campaign performance.

The campaign outperformed the brand’s targets, attaining 3.5 million entries in two months and contributing to a significant volume uplift over the campaign period.

Eighty three percent of these consumers were new - effectively underscoring the campaign’s success in recruiting new consumers to their opted-in database. In addition, the campaign served to enrich existing consumer data.

Weathermen & Co is the lead agency for Tafel Lager and partnered up with Techsys Digital to collaborate their core skills to develop this engaging National Consumer Promotion. Local brand knowledge along with Above-The-Line advertising, combined with a clever digital strategy and integration, resulted in an incredibly successful 360-campaign.

“The big data system has been a major shift in the way we engage with consumers when we run our competitions” says Andrew Walmsley – MD of Techsys Digital, “it allows us to engage with consumers in a personal way, effectively holding thousands of individual conversations, and not the standard “valid”, invalid, duplicate replies of the past”.

The tone of the conversation can be adjusted in real-time by the SMS line data engine to ensure that consumers were spoken to in a way that they are more likely to respond to.

This lead to two significant advantages for brands:

1) Volume of entries – we received, on average, over 20 entries per consumer – which equates to over 20 purchases each.

2) Efficient consumer data enrichment – our system enriches data in a highly sophisticated manner, ensuring we gained useful information from most of the consumers.

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