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Pets have a unique kind of friendship which is impossible to match. This can mean that time flies by when you are with your best friend! As pets get older, just like humans, their health requirements change and owners need to be awareness of this new phase! Pet parents need to know what to look out for to cater for their pets as best as possible, especially as dogs and cats age at a much faster rate than humans.

As a result, Hill’s approached Techsys to create a site called Senior Pets which gives great, practical advise on how to look after an older pet using Hill’s k/d+Mobility range which offers them the best nutritional technology. Pop up coupons also aid in driving trial of this fantastic range. This campaign brings to life Hill’s philosophy of lengthening the relationship between people and their pets, by educating consumers about senior pets, encouraging veterinary check-ups, offering practical advice and offering quality nutrition suggestions.

Want to read about the tell tail signs of aging or common conditions which affect older pets? Or why adopting an older pet has many benefits? Click on the live button below.

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