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Namibian Breweries Sales Automation


Namibian Breweries Sales Automation

Namibian Breweries Ltd. asked Techsys to create an efficient, effective and paperless solution to help improve their quality evaluation process. Their paper-based system was in need of a modern technology-centric solution. It would ensure the effective scheduling of appointments and accurately record completed outlet evaluations. As a paperless company ourselves, we had the solution for NBL.

Our solution took two forms: A web based portal that NBL Sales Administrators could use from a web browser and a native Android application that reps could use out in the field. This reduced the need for paper-based forms for outlet evaluations and provided instant reporting back to the web based portal. Reps can now simply insert all the information into their smartphones and have it sent directly to the reporting system for the Sales Team. The information is captured accurately and processed instantly, allowing for rich reporting and insights. Our solution has streamlined the quality evaluation process like never before.

Since adopting the Sales Automation system, Namibian Breweries have been able to ensure that their outlets are always stocked, their range of products are maintained and that their products are correctly priced, among many other business requirements. The Sales Automation system has made what was once a very manual process simple, easy and efficient and it was all achieved through some innovative thinking and many months of development.

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