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Sterns Jewellery Website Relaunch


Sterns Jewellery Website Relaunch

At the beginning of 2015, Sterns approached Techsys to build them a new website to provide their customers with an engaging and aesthetically pleasing digital experience of the Sterns brand.

At the top of Sterns' agenda was the need to stay relevant to an increasingly mobile orientated target market, meaning that they needed a website that would look amazing on any device. Built to be fully responsive, the website adjusts automatically to suit any screen it is viewed on, ensuring a consistent experience of the Sterns brand across all platforms.

The website also features product ordering intelligence, which tracks user behaviour and places the most popular products where they are most visible. This ensures that users see products that are most likely to interest them without having to search the website.

Importantly for Sterns themselves, the website also features a fully integrated CMS that gives them the ability to create and edit their site content as they please, saving them time and money. The CMS has given the brand full control over their website and decreased the turnaround time for uploading new content, meaning that the site content is constantly fresh and relevant.

Since the launch of the new website, it has seen:

• A 89.5% increase in overall website traffic
• A 65% increase in mobile traffic
• An average of 7.56 pages viewed per session
• An average session duration of 04:06 minutes

Overall, the website has performed better than we or the client could have hoped for and we will watch its performance with interest as the 2016 rolls round.

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